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We promote and support the integration of technology into teaching and learning through PD programming, policy development, the administration of state and federal funding, and strategic planning.

This site serves as a landing page for Educational technology resources to support the districts in Connecticut.
#GoOpen Districts 

School districts that #GoOpen are committing to transition to using high-quality, openly licensed educational resources in their schools. Consider becoming a #GoOpen CT District. Visit #GoOpen Districts to learn how.

#GoOpen Launch Districts

Identify a district #GoOpen team who will work to develop a strategy for the implementation of openly-licensed educational materials.

Commit to replace at least one textbook with openly-licensed educational materials in the next year.
Document and share their implementation process.
Download a #GoOpen District Launch Packet.

#GoOpen Ambassador Districts

Mentor #GoOpen Launch Districts as they design and implement their strategy for transitioning to openly licensed educational resources.

Share the openly licensed materials they’ve created.

Increase Equity – All students have access to high quality learning materials that have the most up-to-date and relevant content because openly licensed educational resources can be freely distributed to anyone.

Save Money – Switching to educational materials that are openly licensed enables schools to repurpose funding spent on static textbooks for other pressing needs, such as investing in the transition to digital learning. In some districts, replacing just one textbook has made tens of thousands of dollars available for other purposes.

Keep Content Relevant and High Quality – Traditional textbooks are perpetually outdated, forcing districts to re-invest significant portions of their budgets on replacing them. The terms of use of openly licensed educational resources allows educators to maintain the quality and relevance of their materials through continuous updates.

Empower Teachers – Openly licensed educational resources empower teachers as creative professionals by giving them the ability to adapt and customize learning materials to meet the needs of their students without breaking copyright laws.

Openly Licensed Educational Resources

Openly licensed educational resources are learning materials that can be used for teaching, learning, and assessment without cost. They can be modified and redistributed without violating copyright laws.

Use #GoOpen Resources

Collaborate - Educators can freely work together to create and share resources that are relevant and meaningful to their students.

Innovate - Educators can modify resources freely to best fit the needs of their students.

Design - Educators are free to develop new materials from already existing materials to provide effective instruction.

Curate - Educators are free to select only those resources they need and help their students achieve.
Communicate - Educators are free to consult with other educators who use the resources and find what works best.

Empower - Educators can take ownership of their lessons, curriculum, and pedagogical practices to best serve the needs of their students.

The Learning Registry is a new approach to capturing, connecting and sharing data about learning resources available online with the goal of making it easier for educators and students to access the rich content available in our ever-expanding digital universe.
What is the Learning Registry?
The Learning Registry is an open database where content creators and educators can share information about digital educational resources. The Learning Registry is based on the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI) which provides common language for tagging resources according to quality, keyword, and alignment to curricular standards. The Learning Registry supports educator voices to help define which resources are most relevant or useful.

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